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  Gurl...don't B worried about that!!!!!!!!!....I can tell U 1 thing....I still keep letters of my old "friend" does not mean that I'm still N love with him...I'ts just that I still like 2 remember things...people grow from experiences and relationships R a good starting point...memories R good....and that's just what they R MEMORIES!!!!!!!!! If U really have a big problem with that...then talk 2 your man and make him C things from your point of view!!!!!!!!
Responded: Hezer


Hezer is right! they are memories..we all have them!!i have old pics and old letters..why should i throw them??they are remants of great chapters in my life..part of me and who i am..but they certainly dont affect my relationship now..if you cant get over gotta talk to your man..but make sure your composed first..i think him keeping them shows a sensitive side to gotta appreciate that!

Good luck

Responded: Guest



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Main / Relationship Disorders

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