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Main / Forbidden Fruit

  WOW....Just read your request one more time. The answer is there. You should you settle for less, or go after what you wan't??
Responded: Chank

  Yeah, the grass is always greener....over the septic tank (with apologies to the late Erma Bombeck.) You have someone you say you love....and you  have a child together. You want to throw this awayfor a chance at something you don't really know about? Is it the thrill of the possible "chase" that excites you? I'm afraid if you try this other "forbidden fruit" you'll regret the day you left the mother of your child. If it were me, I'd stay put. Fantasies die out....but real love is hard to find.....and it appears you've found it with the one you're with.
Responded: Guest


You say u luv d mother of ur child and i believe deep down u do but why cheat on her? Jus say for a min u stay where u r and leave d other woman and then d woman u live with finds out u were cheatin on her?......... Wat then? Wat ever u decide u need to bring out the cheatin bit first or u cud lose everythin.....Best of luck....

Responded: sissygirl


MY APOLOGIES FOR DISAGREEING: Really babe. If it is meant to will be. If your feelings are strong enough for you to think that she may be your soul need to try it. Otherwise you may never know. Just because you had a child with a women that you feel great love for doesn't mean that she is necessarily the one for you. You are the only one that can determine who carries a more significant amount of feelings to capture your heart....But honey....all I am saying is...DONT GET LOVE CONFUSED WITH BEING IN LOVE. Either way, the one you are with now is going to be a part of your life no matter what happens...due to the child that you two share, just make sure that she is in your life every way, shape, and form that you want her to be. (but if it is missing than it is missing)...

P.S. dont cheat on her....that won't do nothing but confuse the whole situation.

Responded: Guest


You never said if anything was lacking you your woman now??besides that thing you cant put your finger on? sometimes the "thing" you cant put your finger on is the excitement of something new..if you do truely feel drawn to this woman i think you should take your time and think things through..without contact with this do you come in contact with her anyways?? does she know about your current woman??

Have you heard of the 7 year itch??

Maybe your nervous about the up and coming wedding?

This woman is part of your childs life too...definately a factor..

I have to add i believe in soulmates..but i dont think we have only one..i also think that if we meet one it doesnt mean we should be together or should  live happily ever after..just means we have a soul connection and are here to connect and teach each other something..

Of course there are soul mates that meet and are meant to be together..

This is an extremely heart wrenching decision im sure..take time out..think things through..ask the universe for it with sincerity and it will come..

Nobody can answer this question for you..

Take everything into consideration and good luck

Responded: Guest



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Main / Forbidden Fruit

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