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Dude, you are trippin. You're thinking too much and judging her too early based on 1 porno movie. My advice is don't let her see any more of those as you might be inciting her to explore her dark side if you know what I mean. We all have a dark side, some doors are just closed. Keep hers closed.

And also, it goes both ways. If she can't fantasize about anybody, you can't either. You have no right to impose this on her.

Responded: ctan


coming from a girls perspective... you need to quite trippin. really, just because she was interested in watching it, does not mean that she is interested in doing it. sometimes it is exciting to see what others do, which in the majority of the time, one couldnt do themselves.

p.s. hold on to her if you love her, and you think she is a real woman...those are like you said "hard to come by"

Responded: Guest

  nope some girls are just turned on by it and don't carry it over into their real lives
Responded: chloe


I dont think its anything to be worried about.  Look at it this way you have it all wrapped up into one assuming she's has all thats important to you in her character. this could be just a additive everything you want in a woman plus she got the sexual drive yo whats really good. you shouldnt be second guessing and feeling insecure over a movie plus she can use all those view on you.

Responded: one


arent u guys funny!! u guys can get turned on by 2 women together..and we women know about of the mans fantasy list..but when a woman just watches a porno..that u in fact picked out(id even be concerned as a woman..u having porn with 2 guys at it)..yet now ur freakin?? i always thought guys wanted a woman in the street..tiger in the bed..which way to u want it???

seriously though ur analysing way too much..she was probably on the defensive coz ur were on the offensive?? chill and if it bugs ya that much..leave the porno out of the equation..

Responded: Guest



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