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Expert Love Advice Expert Love Advice
Expert Love Advice
Expert Love Advice
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Expert Love Advice


Symbols of Love

Everybody loves a little romance. Think Cupid. Think Valentines. Think the heart.

Throughout the ages, poets have used the heart as a symbol of love and romance.
 love is leslie 
 leslie is love 
 she must be an angel 
 and fell from above 
 my heart she has taken 
 so solemnly slow 
 and yet still today 
 my love will still grow 
 my heart beats with LOVE
 she,ll hopefully know 
 when I am around 
 our LOVE will still grow 
 her eyes are so sweet 
 her face will now glow 
 I'll always LOVE Leslie 
 My LOVE will still grow 
 Her tender kiss 
 I will always LOVE 
 For she is an angel 
 who fell from above 
 I'll always cherish her 
 she'll always know 
 my LOVE will not stop 
 but it will always GO!
Danny L. Audy , Swan River

It's not difficult to figure out the connection between the heart and love or the heart and Valentine's Day. But how did this stylized heart shape become the icon for love, the human soul and Valentine's Day?

The heart symbol, as we know it today, was popularized by the Victorian era over a hundred years ago. They loved the romantic heart shape and embellished it in many ways; but they didn't invent it. Where did it come from?

Some scholars speculate that the heart symbol as we use it to signify romance or love came from early attempts by people to draw an organ they'd never seen.

The Catholic church claims that their symbol of the heart (Sacred Heart) began when Saint Margaret Marie Alacoque had a vision in the late 17th century. She claims she saw a heart shape surrounded by a crown of thorns.

But the most intriguing explanations of the heart's origin, is linked to erotic love and lies within the ruins of a classical city in North Africa. In the 7th century BC, in the city-state of Cyrene, there was a valuable plant called Silphium. The commercial trade of this now extinct species of fennel made Cyrene one of the richest cities in Africa until the founding of Alexandria. We are only now coming to understand the why Silphium plant was so highly valued that it was harvested to extinction.

This coin of ancient Cyrene shows a seed pod of the Silphium plant.

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