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First date ideas

ice breaker

Invite several boys to have dinner at a hosts' home. Their dates (the girls) should be in grubbies waiting at the host home for the boys to arrive. Ask the boys if they are hungry and seat them at the table. Bring out the spaghetti and salad, etc. and dump the food on a plastic tablecloth in the middle of the table. Then reach over and bring servings into your area and start eating (no plates allowed). They will get over the initial shock. This is a great ice breaker.

Buy a small cheap fish bowl

Buy a small cheap fish bowl... Buy goldfish crackers and pour them into the bowl. Attatched, write the note "Of all the fish in the sea, I hope you choose me for...." whatever it is... ex. "dinner and a movie" "a night on the town" "candlelit dinner and dancing"

Make home-made ice cream

Make home-made ice cream. Experiment with a new flavor. If your freezer is hand operated you can take turns twirling the crank.

Make a bet with your friend

Make a bet with your friend. Make sure you choose something that you can't possibly win. Bet him a night on the town. Then when you lose, you can take him out.

Your comments 'First date'

ice breaker

it's cute if you and your date has been goin out for a while and he knows that that's just your personality but as for a first might freak him out & drive him away
By: Caseya

That sounds kind of gross. You know that could be a really funny double date idea. Although, i probably wouldn't do it because I would get sick.
By: Emily

Thats a really good idea, but i would never do that for a first date, i would late till later, when you really know eachother well.
By: Torey

Buy a small cheap fish bowl
Thats a really good proposal idea. It sounds to desperate. But neat idea.

Make a bet with your friend
that's an awesome is actually worth trying...i think i might do it
By: Casey

Great idea, i think i might do that myself. With my next date.

this is a sneaky female way of winning a date. a guy wouldn't hope to make that work with a girl. no hope, sister.

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